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      ApacheCon is Coming 9-12 Sept. 2019 - Las Vegas The Apache Software Foundation
      Apache 20th Anniversary Logo

      Community-led development "The Apache Way"

      Apache Support Logo

      Come to ApacheCon
      The official user conference of the ASF

      The best way to learn about the technologies and projects at the ASF is to meet us in person. Come to an ApacheCon or another ASF event to meet our community and learn about our projects.

      Upcoming ApacheCons

      The latest news on ApacheCon is always available on the ApacheCon Website

      Mailing Lists

      There are three main mailing lists that you might want to be on, depending on your particular interest in ApacheCon and other Apache-related events:

      ApacheCon Discuss discuss@apachecon.com
      Subscription address: discuss-subscribe@apachecon.com
      Archives: Web archives
      Use: Discussions on the ApacheCon, past, present and future
      ApacheCon Announce announce@apachecon.com
      Subscription address: announce-subscribe@apachecon.com
      Archives: Web archives
      Use: Read-only announcement list of Apache-related events
      Community Development dev@community.apache.org
      Subscription address: dev-subscribe@community.apache.org
      Archives: Web archives
      Use: Discussion of all aspects of community development at the Apache Software Foundation, including, but not limited to, planning events

      Conference Branding

      In addition to organizing conferences, the Conferences Committee is also responsible for approving the use of Apache Brands and Marks by third party events. For more information on what this means, what the rules are, and how to apply for approval, please see the Third Party Event Branding page.

      Past ApacheCons

      For more information on past ApacheCon conferences, including past track listings, past speakers and past sessions, please visit the ApacheCon Archive Site.

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