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      Celebrating 20 years of community-led development "The Apache Way"

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      ASF Legal

      The following pages provide information for users of Apache Products (i.e. software products from the ASF).

      Page Description
      Apache Licenses Details the Apache License 2.0 and other licences from the ASF
      Records of Incorporation and Tax Status Our official records
      Information on encryption within Apache products Export Control information
      Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines Our Trademark policy
      DMCA Designated Agent page For DMCA-related issues

      We appreciate feedback on our licenses, agreements and processes (see communications). Sadly, we are unable to offer legal opinions or advice to the public.

      The following pages provide information for Apache Software Foundation committers to assist in their work on Apache Products.

      Page Description
      ASF Release Policy Apache Release Policy for Apache Products
      Apache Software Foundation 3rd Party License Policy Information related to third-party license use in Apache Products
      Source Header and Copyright Notice Policy Instructions on the application of source headers to ASF source files
      CLA FAQ Questions related to signing our Contributor License Agreements
      Handling Cryptography within an ASF Release Cryptography Policy

      The Legal Affairs Committee

      The Legal Affairs Committee was established in March 2007 and is responsible for establishing, and managing, legal policies based on the advice of legal counsel and the interests of the Foundation. It reports to the board each month.

      Questions for the Legal Affairs Committee should be raised on LEGAL JIRA space.

      Most discussions are held on the public legal-discuss@ mailing list. See the legal-discuss@ archives for previous discussions.

      The Legal Affairs Committee (including VP of Legal Affairs) is staffed exclusively by volunteers and is leveraging a pro-bono legal counsel. This means that while most requests are typically resolved in a matter of few days, sometimes non-urgent requests can take longer. We will try to acknowledge your request within a couple of days, but the actual resolution may take much longer. For truly urgent matters always make sure to contact vp-legal@apache.org directly.

      Page Description
      Legal Affairs reports The board reports to date
      Draft Third-Party Licensing Policy Cliff Schmidt's original drafting. While never enacted, this draft provided the foundation from which the current policy evolved
      Ramblings of an ASF VP of Legal Affairs Sam Ruby's subsequent thoughts
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